Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you are all ready for the holidays because they are pretty much here! As I was doing some last minute shopping I got sidetracked doing one of my favorite things; finding designer clothing items that I loved, and then similar looking items that I can actually afford right here on our site. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good investment piece of clothing but that can be another blog post entirely.

For starters, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of our denim shearling jacket. I found a similar Tom Ford one on neimanmarcus.com. 


but to be honest I like the wash of the denim in our Denim Sherpa and you can’t beat saving €3,148.


This YSL Jacket caught my eye when it came out at €2400, and I still am a fan.

The colors and fabrics of our Varsity Jacket are different but you still get the same look, and the cost at €109 is so much less than the YSL. 


Our Altamonte quilted jacket is a lightweight jacket, but it looks almost exactly like the one below by North Face at Nordstrom at three times the price. The North Face jacket is probably warmer, but ours comes from pro-skater Andrew Reynold’s line, which gives it a little bit more street cred if you ask me.


Like I said before, I’m all about splurging every once in a while on designer pieces that I think will last in my wardrobe for a while, and then you can mix those items with the other things in your closet that you scored at a (much) lower price point. Hopefully you found this post helpful, I only got as far as jackets here, so I think I’ll have to do another save vs. splurge post soon. Now I need to get back to my last minute shopping.

Until next time…